Born in Ottawa (Ontario), Liliane Keeler earned a B.A. in Art History and a Certificate in Visual Arts from l'Université du Québec à Montréal.
Her work has been seen in solo and group exhibitions in Québec and Ontario. Liliane Keeler has served on selection panels and is Vice-president for the Arts Advisory Committee in Boucherville. Her works are part of public collections in Québec and in Ontario as well as private collections in Québec, Ontario and France.


Liliane Keeler's artistic endeavour is centred upon the relationship of time, space and the world in which we live. Concerned with recalling places that stamp reality or the dream in which memory and hope are superimposed, she questions the often abstract and fleeting notion of the passage of time. Fragmented or shown whole, these places initiate a dialog between art and life. Calling upon her imagination or using selected images or photographs, she reconstructs the landscape by means of provoking a mysterious aura in the shadow of a memory. She tackles in her works the themes of abandoned spaces, the landscapes, the ruins and the souvenirs that surface in the memory.

In addition to her paintings, she is interested in mosaic; this form of ancient art that goes back to antiquity. The assembling of tessels is done from isolated and disparate elements. The management of shadings, substance, the difficult repetitive movement, the uniformity, all confer on the mosaic a unique tactile and visual effect. Mosaic, nowadays, is booming and belongs to the contemporary art world.

Art is a force that tends towards a goal that must serve to develop and refine the human soul.

Wassily Kandinsky